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Friday, October 28, 2011

going to moniques house

“Mum, can I go to Monique’s house for a swim?” “yes but be good! Ok I replied we finally arrived we stepped into are tog’s and we headed to the Waikato river it wasn’t as cold as you would think it would be! Monique and I took little step slowly into the water then we just jump in! we swam around. Because I was wearing a life jacket I could just lie down on my back and float I got up and ran over to the tree and jumped off. I touch some yucky  lake weed I screamed and swam away  quickly soon we got a bit cold so we hoped out and wrapped our towels around us and worked over to the sand and ate same chip. Time to go home, bake to Monique’s house  Monique’s mum took me home I had a grate time at the river.

By Hannah.        

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A mini verion of cyclone bowlder

Crack boom as the trees fall wind whistling rain falling and no power oh what a storm I sat on the couch frightened and bored I ask nana  if she knows when the power will be on she said probably awhile oh pickles! “I said I wish there was something to do what are we going to have for lunch I know we can get out the gas cooker. I raced to nana with excitement” nana, nana, nana” I said we can use the gas cooker.” “Well where are they”? Nana asked “Are they in the shed with the camping gear or in the big boat”? I answered I when to the shed and grabbed the gas cooker and tack it into the kitchen  “nana I got the gas cooker nana said “thank you, I will cook up some lunch. “What are we having ?’’I said “ice cream pudding! ’’Nana answered yum! I replied nana started to cook it up and lunch was served. We had a nice lunch but the only thing that I didn’t like was the trees falling and the wind whistling. When is the power going to be on I thought to my self. The next day we still had no power until 10:00.  Everyone was so happy we were jumping up and down. When the road opened we went for a look it was treble all the top of the thee had came off. A lot of trees had came down same trees had fallen on
top of the power lines. There were big gaps in the trees and there were machines around trees.     

Hannah;s speech

Hannah’s Speech 
Hi I’m doing a speech about our environment  our environment  is very important because we need a clean environment if we what to breath clean air  you should treat the environment the way you want to be treat and it will treat you back the same way. If all of the trees got cut down we will breath dirty air. To help the environment. We can stop throwing smoke buds in the drains and in the garden’s. That means that you should put your smoke buds in the bin and take it to the dump.

We should look after our trees because we need a clean air to breathe the trees breath in cabindioxsid and berth out oxygen.

If someone is doing the wrong thing help them do the right thing the right thing is not to throw rubbish on the ground.

Stop washing your car near drains because it will go into the water and kill the fish you should wash your car on the grass so it want go into the drains look after our environment if you want a clean environment keep the environment clean.

The Kingaroa forest is one of the largest forest in New Zealand it’s huge!! Sometimes if you look outside you might see some rubbish go out and pike it up that will help the environment you need to stop throwing rubbish in the lakes and sea’s because it can kill fish and bird’s it’s a bit like on happy feet one of the penguins got plastic can holders around its neck keep the environment clean please and your grandchildren can see what you see

If all the sharks where to be extended the food chain will fall apart and there would be to many fish take the hammerhead shark for example if it dyers out there would be to many Skewed, Octopuses and Rays the hammerhead shark eat.

The shark helps us because it eats all the sick fish we can work together to help save the environment. So please keep the environment clean that means stop throwing rubbish in our waters drains and gardens I hope you have relisted how imported the environment is to me and to you thank you for listing to my speech can you do me just one favor have a think in your heard do you want a clean environment.                                             

  by Hannah

Thursday, August 11, 2011

i am a girl

i am a girl
i can smell beautiful flowen's
i can hear the student tolking about their work
i can see everyone woking their best
i can touch my warm fluffy socks on my feet
i can taste my morning tea.